Validate RDML files.

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Application Description

RDML-Validate validates a RDML file against the corresponding schema. If the validation fails, RDML-Validate displays a list of errors. Errors point to programming mistakes in the used software to create the RDML file and might be difficult to fix by the user. RDML-Edit offers in edit mode on the main tab two buttons "Recreate Lost Ids" and "Repair RDML File" which might help. If this happens, you should contact the developers of the respective software.

Accepted Input

The RDML files can be provided in rdml or xml format (*.rdml, *.rdm, and *.xml).

Sample Data

The "Show Example" button loads an sample trace file (click to download file) with errors. Try the example file (click to download file) for a valid file.

More Help

A general help file is available as RDML-Tools Help.