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Application Description

RDML-RunView is a tool to view single runs of a RDML files. Once the RDML file was loaded, the desired experiment and run have to be selected. RDML-RunView will display the plate setup and, with classic qPCR, the amplification- or meltcurves. A well / reaction can be selected which will highlight the corresponding curve. If a curve is selected, the corresponding reaction will be highlighted. Meltcurves can be easily inspected if the color coding is set to target. Setting the color coding to type allows eases the inspection of amplification curves.

Accepted Input

The RDML files can be provided in rdml or xml format (*.rdml, *.rdm, and *.xml).

Sample Data

The "Show Example" button loads an example trace file (click to download file).


rdmlpython version: updated on server interaction

More Help

A general help file is available as RDML-Tools Help.