Combine data from two separate RDML files.

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Load RDML file

RDML works with elements that refer other elements. For example, the reactions in an experiment refer to samples and targets. The targets refer to an dye. If merge copies over an experiment, the dependencies will be copied as well. If such a depending element with the same ID is present in the base RDML file and the RDML file to add, the button with (-) will keep the dependencies of the base RDML file while the button with (+) will overwrite the existing elements with the dependencies from the RDML file to add.

Application Description

RDML-Merge is a tool to complement an RDML file (base) with parts of a second RDML file (add). Once both RDML files were loaded, the desired elements have to be selected. RDML-Merge will display an overview of both files.

Accepted Input

The RDML files can be provided in rdml or xml format (*.rdml, *.rdm, and *.xml).

Sample Data

The "Show Example" button loads two example RDML files Base (click to download the example file).
and Add (click to download the example file).


rdmlpython version: updated on server interaction

More Help

A general help file is available as RDML-Tools Help.